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Quotes I have a 97 Mazda Miata which I?ve owned for 10 years. I started having problems with it about 4 months ago and decided to have the engine and automatic transmission remanufactured. on the internet I found Tech 1 and Curt. I called and was given a price to rebuild both items for just over $4000, after the initial repair I still had a cooling system leak. It was the heater core outlet on the fire wall, they did not charge me to replace the heater core and agreed it was broken either removing or reinstalling the newly remanufactured engine. I was impressed with the honesty and the integrity of this company. Comparing prices and length of warranty I found Tech 1 engines to be the best option hands down. These guys at Tech 1 are very professional. I am very happy with my decision to go with Tech 1 engines, the work they performed was top notch and my Miata drives like it is brand new!!!. Thank You Tech 1 Sincerely; Jack Harrop another satisfied customer. Quotes
John Harrop

Quotes I had just had my 2006 Charger R/T engine re manufactured at Tech 1. It was done fast and correct. No loose wires or missing screws. Car runs like new. Quotes
Gerard Grady
Satisfied Customers

Quotes I recently bought an 04 dodge ram truck with a blown motor. After lots of research comparing prices and length of warranty I found Tech 1 engines to be the best option hands down. The guys at Tech 1 are very professional and had my truck completed even earlier than expected. This was very important to me because this is my primary vehicle i use to travel to and from work. I am very happy with my decision to go with Tech 1 engines, the work they performed was top notch and my truck drives like it is brand new!!! Quotes
Taylor Perkins
Satisfied Customer

Quotes 1985 Toyota MR2 had a blown head gasket. After getting prices from dealers and other engine guys, Tech 1 did it for a whole lot less. The job was great and that little 4AEG engine has never sounded better with 240,000 + miles on it. Tech 1 has the best customer service anywhere and does it with a smile and a handshake. Thanks Tech 1 Quotes
Dave Gendron
Motoring Tampa Bay

Quotes We blew the motor on our 04 Saturn Ion, they gave us a great price and completed the job very quickly. They also worked with us . We are very pleased with the service! Quotes
Sean Schronski

Quotes by Scepter37 06/17/2011 I love these guys!! Always friendly and do the work in a timely manner. Very professional. They do all the work on my cars and I wouldn't dare go to these other ripoff artists. They sold me a wonderful car. They are #1 in my book. Quotes

Quotes I have a 2002 grand am gt I called several places in regards to my car making a lot of noise and over heating every place I went to just tried to sell me a head gasket job for just under $2000.00 bucks without ever once walking out to my car then I found tech 1 and when I walked into the office and told curt what noises and things my car was doing he walked strait to my car and began checking what was wrong with my car not just guessing after talking to curt since my car had 210,000 miles on it I decided to have my engine remanufactured at a cost of $2495.00 so for almost 500 bucks more than what the other places where going to charge me for head gaskets on my car and hope that was the only problem thanks to curt I got a real answer and a great engine thanks you so much tech 1 for taking such good care of me and my car sincerely Steven perry Quotes
steven perry
very happy customer

Quotes Tech 1 changed my spark plug wires, my 02 sensors, did an oil change to fully synthetic and put a new Rack an Pinion in my 95 Ford Explorer, The Price could'nt have been beat. Satisfaction for their work at Tech 1 was 100% Quotes
Adam Goldstein

Quotes 1996 Ford Explorer 4.0 I had blown my engine and check all around to get someone to replace it. The cost of replacing it with a used engine with other shops was the same as a remanufactured engine with this shop. I also got a 3 year 50k warranty with it. I am a very happy customer. Thank You Tech 1 Quotes
Alen Keith
Customer Service Rep.